About Us

Co-founders Marianne Hynes and Mike Speter draw on their experiences as senior executive leaders,
who have successfully built psychologically safe work cultures themselves, to equip other leaders to navigate the path
to psychological safety for their teams and organisations.

These pragmatic insights are complemented by their tertiary education, training and associated work in the fields of
psychological processes, adult learning and change management.

Marianne Hynes

Co-Founder, Cert. Psychological Safety Trainer & Coach, Program Leader & Facilitator

Marianne is a purpose-driven C-Suite Executive Leader, business owner, transformational coach and facilitator who brings a human-centred approach to igniting the potential of individuals and teams, resulting in thriving and inclusive cultures and profitable growth.

Marianne brings over 20 years of C-Suite, leadership and corporate experience, having worked for some of the globe’s most prominent brands. Marianne’s diverse background includes people strategy, operations, resource management, technology, business development, and management consulting.

Notably, Marianne was COO of PwC’s Indigenous Consulting. This background combines extensive experience leading in culturally diverse and matrixed environments with a skill for uniting different perspectives and an emotionally intelligent approach to change strategy that works.

Marianne holds a Bachelor of Behavioral Studies (Psychology), and has studied Neuro Leadership, Transformational Learning, Coaching and Facilitation. Insights from Marianne’s studies have further fueled her passion for people and performance.

Marianne has an innate ability to connect with people’s uniqueness to build safety as the foundation for inclusive and thriving environments. She believes that by embracing diversity and respecting an individual’s originality and perspectives, you gain the best results for people, teams, and businesses. See Marianne’s LinkedIn Profile

Mike Speter

Co-Founder, Program Leader, Facilitator & Coach

Mike is motivated by helping organisations and their workforces to remain engaged and productive in a rapidly changing world, particularly by equipping leaders to manage psychosocial risk and build psychologically safe work cultures.

In doing so, Mike draws on his experiences as a science degree-qualified behavioural health management psychologist, senior executive leader, and adult learning and change management practitioner. The catalyst for Mike transitioning from his psychology role into a business leadership career path was his observations of the effects of work-related stress on people, and his determination to build inclusive work cultures firsthand. Mike has repeatedly built such cultures by engaging authentically with his teams.

Mike’s senior executive roles have included delivering health & wellbeing services and governance, risk management & compliance functions across large, statewide organisations. He has also worked as an MBA lecturer in Conflict Management, teacher of Business Communication and Group Dynamics, and in Program Director and Project Manager roles for large, successful transformational change and process improvement initiatives.

His experience, education and extensive training have equipped Mike to consult on a whole-of-organisation basis capably and confidently. Mike’s decision to co-found PsychSafety Solutions Pty Ltd with Marianne Hynes reflects their shared vision and values and acknowledgement that together they bring a value-adding set of complementary experiences and capabilities to clients. See Mike’s LinkedIn Profile

Our Values

  • Sufficiency – Accept that we have enough and are all enough

  • Positive Impact – Make a lasting change in the lives of people

  • Integrity – Speak and act in an open, honest and ethical manner

  • Respect – Value people’s right to contribute their view for genuine consideration

  • Inclusion – Embrace the diverse range of people we encounter

  • Thought Leadership – Engage clients on a leader-to-leader basis, contributing bespoke solution options

Our Vision

A world where all people feel psychologically safe and able to thrive.

Our Mission

Equip leaders to build and sustain psychologically safe workplaces to realise associated benefits for organisations, teams and individuals.

Our Clients

Our clients are adaptive leaders and conscious organisations in every sector who see there needs to be a different, more inclusive way to build productive organisations.

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